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JJB - podcast on France Musique

On March 27 2021, Françoise Degeorges invited Jean-Jacques Birgé for her radio show Couleurs du Monde on France Musique (Radio France). One hour with interview, sounds and a lot of music.

L'air de rien by Birgé Caron Fourneyron

Jean-Jacques BIRGÉ (keyboards, various), Élise CARON (vocals, flute) and Fidel FOURNEYRON (trombone) have recorded this album on March 11 2021 at Studio GRRR. Dark and magical. It's the 84th album free to listen or download on drame.org !

Tout Abus Sera Puni by Birgé Jalal Lévy

Jean-Jacques BIRGÉ (keyboards, various), Naïssam JALAL (flute, vocals) et Mathias LÉVY (violin, vocals) have recorded this album on March 9th 2021 at Studio GRRR, drawing themes from mc gayffier's graphic book, published in 2020. Lyrical, groovy, radiant, Tout Abus Sera Puni is an act of resistance against the so-called "health" crisis.

Free to listen and download on drame.org !

Article by Étienne Brunet on the film
"Perspectives For the 22nd Century"

After private projections !

MEG 2152, 12th video-clip

Filmed after the music of the CD Perspectives For the 22nd Century composed by Jean-Jacques Birgé and the photographic collections of the Musée d'Ethnographie de Genève, MEG 2152 is a film by Jacques Perconte.

Watch them all on a big screen and listen to them loud!

All articles concerning the CD Perspectives du XXIIe siècle (in French)
Dossier du MEG also in English
The album is on SoundCloud !
The other video-clips of the project sur Vimeo !

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