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Tuesday 09 august » Les gardiens du temple

*** with Fabiana Striffler & Csaba Palotaï

***, new album with German violinist Fabiana Striffler and Hungarian guitarist Csaba Palotaï recorded on June 7 2022 at Studio GRRR ! Article on French Blog...
Also on Bandcamp !

Scénographie with Gwennaëlle Roulleau

Scénographie, a new album with electroacoustician Gwennaëlle Roulleau recorded on May  12 2022 at Studio GRRR ! Article on French Blog...
Also on Bandcamp !

Fictions, beautiful LP with Lionel Martin

Extraordinary LP edition of the album Fictions with saxophonist Lionel Martin on  Ouch! Records, recorded on May 11 2021 at Studio GRRR.
Painting by Ella & Pitr, silkscreen printing workshop by L'Apothicaire. Magnetic cover. Rare exclusive limited edition, numbered 300 ex.
Article on French Blog...
Also on Bandcamp !

Exhibited at the Venice Biennale

The music from the album Duck Soup by Jean-Jacques Birgé, Jean-Brice Godet and Nicholas Christenson accompanies The Theatre of Apparitions, light boxes by the famous photographer Roger Ballen, at the Arsenale in the South African pavilion of the Venice Biennale.

Un Drame Musical Instantané comes back

February 14, 2022 is a great day as it marks the return of UN DRAME MUSICAL INSTANTANÉ, officially disbanded in 2008.
Spending just a few hours they recorded 15 short pieces that they mixed the following day. The order is preserved, first takes, no cuts, just a rebalancing of the tracks.
Dominique Meens' texts are the guiding thread for Birgé and Gorgé. They find in them the images they have always sought wherever they go, setting the scene which in turn gives the poet wings. His text Plumes et poils refers to the one by Michel Tournier that the Drame had chosen to play with the late singer Frank Royon Le Mée. The bestiary has always been a major inspiration for the writer as well as for the two musicians. But where will they nestle!
The Gustave Doré’s engraving on the cover suggests a tragedy, but it is only a fable by Jean de La Fontaine. When you open the digipack, the movement of the photograph reveals another snapshot. Feather or hair? Feathers and hairs (translation of plumes et poils) !

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