Un D.M.I. - Jorge VELEZ - Eltron JOHN - Tuff SHERM...
L'homme à la caméra REMIX
DDD-JJB-T01 lp, 2017


The French label DDD publishes 4 remix of the album L'homme à la caméra by Un Drame Musical Instantané on a  transparent LP sold together with the original LP (pressed in 1984). New Yorker Jorge VELEZ aka Professor Genius, Australian Dro Carey aka Tuff SHERM, Polish Eltron JOHN participated in this crazy project.

Xavier Ehretsmann ordered the three remix.
In October 2014, English magazine WIRE had published Eltron John's piece on CD Below The Radar Special Edition: The Dream, compilation of experimental and electronic music put together by the Kraków Unsound Festival.

The transparency of the REMIX LP shows the original cover by UN D.M.I. where one can see a picture of the film by Dziga VERTOV and the 15 members of Un D.M.I.'s ochestra at Théâtre Déjazet on January 14th 1984. There's only a round sticker with the name of the four remixers. Coline Malivel artwork is inspired by a dia from the light-show L'Œuf Hyaloïde cofounded by Jean-Jacques BIRGÉ, extract from the Light-Book printed by Imprimerie Union in 1973.

Bundle out on June 13th 2017.
Dist. Rubadub
16€ + postage

tracklist / infos
n°1 / A1. Jorge Velez - Coquillage / 3'00

"The EP opens with Coquillage by US producer Jorge Velez. The word means seashell in French, and this track is like putting one to your ear. Definitely on the more ambient side of things, Coquillage is full of eerie sounds, from the sea to marine wildlife and other unidentified sources which all create an unsettling atmosphere. Ever shifting and phasing, differently textured pads create a sense of wide open space and spiralling free fall through it."

n°2 / A2. Tuff Sherm remix - Un D.M.I. L’Homme à la caméra / 3'00

"Australian producer Tuff Sherm aka Dro Carey delivers a remix which plods along at 112 BPM with an infectious rhythm section thanks to terrific drum programming. Add a bunch of short samples, from metallic sounds to flute licks and many other instruments used in the original UDMI recording and the result is a stripped down remix that nonetheless remains full of surprises."

n°3 / B1. Eltron John remix - Un D.M.I. L’Homme à la caméra / 3'00

"Polish producer Eltron John’s remix increases the BPM slightly. With the combination of flawless drum machine sequencing and a mellow bassline with a variety of UDMI samples, this is a tune where brass instruments, tubular instruments, lush pads, and other incidental sounds are used to great effect. There’s an undoubtedly positive, uplifting vibe in this track which successfully uses UDMI’s sounds in a house music context."

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