Dans son n°1149, Vital Weekly (The Oldest Online Source for Music Reviews !) chronique mon Centenaire à son tour :
Birgé is a pioneer from France, most known for his work with Un Drame Musical Instantané (1976-2008). He made his first steps in the early 70s experimenting with synthesizers. In the 70s he initiated the return of live music for silent movies. Yes, we are dealing with of a multi-disciplinary artist: composer, improviser, moviemaker, founder of the GRRR-label, etc. I supposed the label had stopped activity, until I reviewed the remarkable work ‘Long Time No Sea’, by his trio El Strøm in 2017 (see Vital Weekly 1092). Now Birgé surprises us with another new work. A work that comes from the future: 2052 to be precise, when Birgé will have his 100th birthday. With this concept Birgé winks at his father who loved science fiction. He composed ten pieces imagining all ten decades that span his hypothetical life span. He turned his archive of recordings and tapes upside down and selected recordings from each – well almost – decade. There are many musicians; singers as Pascale Labbe, Birgitte Lyregaard and his daughter Elsa, but also Bernard Vitet (trumpet), Yves Robert (trombone), Chedmail Nicolas (horn), Didier Petit (cello), and many others. With this old material as a starting point, he composed a work for each decade. Birgé plays himself synthesizer, theremin, Tenori/on, Mascarade Machine, trumpet, flute, inanga, jew´s harp and vocals.The CD closes with ´Tombeau de Birgé, composed and performed by Sacha Gattino. Included is a magnificent 52-pages booklet.
Birgé pictures his life - past, present and future - in imaginative sound works, that move between composed, improvised, collage, audioplay, etc. Birgé has his very own procedures concerning copying and pasting precorded material of musical and non-musical origin. And combining them with musical manoeuvres played by him and his colleagues. Audio works of course, but always created in a way as if he wants to produce a visual world. He never manipulates his sound sources that much. Rain is rain. A car driving by remains a car. But is the way he structures the components into a whole that make his art special. This new album is again an enjoyable example of his unique approach. (DM)
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