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Tuesday 20 february » Pause d'une semaine
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Friday 16 february » Le moine et le voyou
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Wednesday 14 february » The Very Big Experimental Toubifri Orchestra sort Outre
Tuesday 13 february » Mon dragon n'est pas de bois
Monday 12 february » Petit & Roy dans la boîte rouge

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Apéro Labo

New formula! Recordings now take place in public at Studio GRRR.
The freedom of independence for the pleasure of the senses... Excellent acoustic conditions, delicious food... The idea is always to privilege the quality of the encounters, counting on the fact that the music will inevitably feel the effects. For this premiere, Jean-Jacques Birgé will be accompanied by two exceptional musicians in every respect: violinist Mathias Lévy and saxophonist/clarinettist Antonin-Tri Hoang.
Birgé has chosen to extend the adventure of my Pique-nique au labo (vol. 1/2, 3) by organizing live concerts/recordings at Studio GRRR. On the one hand, it's a way of escaping the scallop race organized by those in charge of programming both small and large venues. On the other hand, in the face of political decisions that are more manipulative than democratic, and in the face of the formatting imposed by the cultural industry, local work is crucial. Concerts are followed by an aperitif shared between artists and spectators. Antonin has devised an original and highly amusing protocol with the audience to encourage our instant compositions. What's more, benefiting from excellent acoustic conditions, they are recorded live and put online free of charge a few days later in the form of a virtual album. Gauge is obviously limited. 
There will be many concerts during this new year, and you can let us know if you're interested in taking part in one of the next Apéros-Labos by writing to us...

Newsletter November 2023

Fourth newsletter of the year

36th album of the series "Pique-nique au labo"

Fŭtur, a fantastic new album with Bruno Ducret on cello, also on Calabrese lira and guitar, and Olivia Scemama on electric bass ukulele...
Recorded on Novembre 1st 2023 by JJB at Studio GRRR !
Also on Bandcamp !

Birgé à la carte (blanche) on December 1st at Café de Paris

Jean-Jacques Birgé - keyboard & strange instruments
Mathias Lévy - violin
Élise Dabrowski - double bass & vocals
Lionel Martin - tenor sax
Gwennaëlle Roulleau - electronics
The audience is invited to draw the theme of each instant composition at random.
Three 40-minute sets. Admission 7 to 10 €, depending on movens.
Edith Piaf made her debut in this former cabaret!
Concert organized by Sport National
Au Café de Paris, 158 rue Oberkampf (M° Ménilmontant)

La preuve by Poudingue (LP)

Experimantal rock - 10 songs by Nicolas Chedmail, Frédéric Mainçon and Jean-Jacques Birgé. Beautiful cover by Étienne Mineur. Guest : Benjamin Sanz. Made for LP, it also exists as a "poor" CD.

La preuve is an après-guard action. Most of the people who inspired it are dead or retired. Old teenagers flog their former loves. They bear witness to a bygone era, but joyously embraced, digested and spat out. Everything was still possible. Or possible at last. Psychedelia opened the doors of perception. Romanticism wasn't relegated to a dull formatting, a cheese without a rind. The group Poudingue, which started out ten years ago, has some delectable leftovers. These are the crumbs from purgatory.


The proof (la preuve, in French) is in the pudding (poudingue, in French) is an expression coined by Friedrich Engels meaning that the value, quality or truth of something must be judged on the basis of direct experience or its results. The expression is a modification of an old saying that makes the meaning a little clearer: the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

GRRR 1037 - dist. The Pusher

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