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Friday 17 august » Cocooning
Thursday 16 august » Tout ou Rien
Tuesday 14 august » Michael Gordon par le Kronos Quartet
Monday 13 august » La folie de Château Perché
Friday 10 august » Nuage
Wednesday 08 august » Effondrement
Tuesday 07 august » Les 1001 nuits de Harpon au Château Perché

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Hoang & Birgé on synthesizers
August 24, Montreuil

In August the composer, clarinetist-saxophonist, Antonin-Tri Hoang is in residence at L'Office, Montreuil. He takes the opportunity to organize impromptu events such as a concert for synthesizers to which he invited me for an improvised duo on Friday 24 at 6 p.m. He will play a modular system. I'll come with a Russian Lyra-8, a Japanese Tenori-on and the only copy of the JJB64 that Eric Vernhes had invented for me on the occasion of my birthday. The concert takes place in the middle of a beautiful installation of the visual artist Marie-Christine Gayffier.
Tout/Rien à L'Office, 1 rue Kléber, Croix de Chavaux, Montreuil (Metro line 9 - out 4), everyday from 3 to 8 p.m.

Harpon @ Château Perché on August 11th

Amandine Casadamont (vinyls) et Jean-Jacques Birgé (keyboard, synthesizers, Tenori-on, etc.) will play 1001 Nights from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. on the night of the 11th to the 12th at Château Perché, a very original festival which takes place every year in a different castle. This time it's at the Château d'Avrilly, 03460 Trévol, France, with 200 artists and 5000 people... By the way, HARPON's site is now online!

The 100th Anniversary of Jean-Jacques Birgé

« This album commemorates the 100th anniversary of Jean-Jacques Birgé, a multi-disciplinary 
artist whose musical work marked his time.

In 2018 he turns to his past by composing one piece per 
decade, reflecting both his career and the times he went trough. As a tribute to his father who loved science fiction, he also imagines the decades to come, composing three 
anticipation pieces. This vectorial evocation resembles a shadow theatre whose appearances merge with reality. To conclude the album, the composer Sacha Gattino wrote a Tombeau in honor of his friend.


With Michèle Buirette, Elsa Birgé, Nicolas Chedmail, Hervé Legeay, Vincent Segal, Cyril Atef, Bernard Vitet, Didier Petit, Pascale Labbé, Philippe Deschepper, Yves Robert, Éric Échampard, Sacha Gattino, Birgitte Lyregaard, Amandine Casadamont, Antonin-Tri Hoang... And a beautiful 52 pages booklet by Étienne Mineur !
Out on Sept. 7 2018 (receive it already writing us)

Recent articles on Un D.M.I.
About first CD issueing of Rideau! (1980) :
AllMusic - Citizen Jazz - Vital Weekly - Revue&Corrigée - Musique Machine
and À Travail Égal Salaire Égal (1981-82) :
AllMusic - Le Glob nato - Le son du grisli - Vital Weekly - Musique Machine
Both on Austrian record label KlangGalerie (2017-2018)

À travail égal salaire égal
at last issued on CD

Austrian record label Klang Galerie goes on reissueing LPs' by Un Drame Musical Instantané in CD. After Rideau ! (1980), it is now À travail égal salaire égal (1981) which has been remasterized and is issued as a beautiful digipack with an extra track, a unissued version of La preuve par le Grand Huit recorded the year after! It's the first album of Un D.M.I. with the 16-piece orchestra, as you'll find there the orchestral version of Crimes Parfaits (for tape, string septet and radio orchestras) and La preuve par le Grand Huit the day it has been created. You'll also find On tourne, a piece of field recording, and Pour quoi la nuit, already reissued on Machiavel.

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