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Thursday 02 december » Musique pour deux corps

Unissued Drame from 1976 on LP

At the beginning of 2022, the German label Psych.KG will publish an unreleased 19-minute track by Un Drame Musical Instantané from 1976, Très toxique, with Jean-Jacques Birgé, Bernard Vitet and Francis Gorgé. This piece is therefore prior to the first record of the Drame! On the other side of the LP, Kommissar Hjuler und Frau will present Es gibt Reis, a 17-minute sound creation recorded this year.

Carnage out of print for 30 years finally on CD (KlangGalerie)

Bernard Vitet (trumpets, vocals, violin, flute, reed), Francis Gorgé (electric guitar, synthesizer, vocals, percussion, flute, brake), Jean-Jacques Birgé (synthesizer, vocals, piano, brass, flute, reeds, percussion) with Youval Micenmacher (percussion), Jean Querlier (oboe, English horn, flute, sax), Youenn Le Berre (flutes, bassoon), Patrice Petitdidier (French horn), Michèle Buirette (accordion), Geneviève Cabannes (double bass) and the Ensemble Instrumental du Nouvel Orchestre Philharmonique directed by Yves Prin

Music, words, recording
Un Drame Musical Instantané (Birgé-Vitet-Gorgé)

Carnage on KlangGalerie: New Master 2021 + Bonus
French article on Blog !

New album on GRRR
Only Once with Uriel Barthélémi and Hélène Breschand

Only Once, trio with Jean-Jacques BIRGÉ (keyboards, misc.), Uriel BARTHÉLÉMI (drums, synth) et Hélène BRESCHAND (electric harp, vocals) recorded on June 2021 at Studio GRRR.
Article on French Blog !

3 new albums on GRRR
Fictions with Lionel Martin, To be or net to be with Gilles Coronado and Basile Naudet, Exotica with François Corneloup and Philippe Deschepper

Fictions, after Borgès, duo by Jean-Jacques BIRGÉ (keyboards, etc.) and Lionel MARTIN (tenor sax) recorded on May 11 mai 2021 at Studio GRRR.

To be or net to be
, trio by Jean-Jacques BIRGÉ (keyboards, etc.), Basile NAUDET (soprano & alto sax) and Gilles CORONADO (guitar) recorded on May 24 mai 2021 at Studio GRRR.

Exotica, trio by Jean-Jacques BIRGÉ (keyboards, etc.), François CORNELOUP (baritone sax) and Philippe DESCHEPPER (guitar) recorded on May 27 mai 2021 at Studio GRRR.

6 pages on Un D.M.I. and JJB in the strip book

The strip book Underground, 300 pages, is subtitled "Cursed rockers & high priestesses of sound". The whole thing offers Arnaud Le Gouëfflec's point of view on the music out of the beaten tracks and draws an exceptional graphic adventure by Nicolas Moog.

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