Long Time No Sea
GRRR 2029 CD audio, 2017


Long Time No Sea is the first new CD by Jean-Jacques Birgé since 1998 (Un Drame Musical Instantané's Machiavel). For the last 10 years GRRR has published 70 unissued albums on drame.org, but all exclusively online, virtual objects free to listen or download!
To present these 77 minutes, Étienne Mineur has designed a fantastic cover and libretto playing with videoprojectors and reflective materials. He has integrated drawings by Grandville from 1844 and even another one from 1774, all belonging to Sacha Gattino's own collection. By the way it's also Sacha's first CD.

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Birgitte Lyregaard - vocals
Sacha Gattino - sampler, percussion, zither, harmonicas, jaw-harps
Jean-Jacques Birgé - Theremin, Tenori-on, Mascarade Machine, keyboards, reeds, harmonicas, jaw harps

Sound Castles / Contretemps / Frygt / Mécaniques cantiques / Radio Sandwich / Dark Waters / This Paris / Lover Man / Long Time No Sea
ATTENTION : all mp3 here are before the beautiful mastering by Marwan Danoun
You'll find it on BANDCAMP ;-)

Recorded at GRRR Studio (Bagnolet), Tintannabulum Studio (Rennes), Pib de Bib Studio (Copenhagen), and live at Le Triton, Festival Les Enchanteuses (Les Lilas)
Mixed by JJB
Graphic design by Etienne Mineur
Drawings by Grandville, Un autre monde, 1844
Photo of the trio by Sonia Cruchon

Press 1
Robert Wyatt : "Terrific album"
Louis-Julien Nicolaou (Les Inrocks) : 6th on Top 10 of the first 6 months of 2017
Franpi Barriaux (ÉLU Citizen Jazz)
Press 2

tracklist / infos
n°1 / Sound Castles / 23'44

Birgitte Lyregaard - vocals
Sacha Gattino - sampler/keyboard, whistling
Jean-Jacques Birgé - synthesizers, H3000, jaw harp, balloon
Recorded at Studio GRRR, Bagnolet, February 7 2011

n°2 / Contretemps Live / 9'47
Birgitte Lyregaard - vocals
Jean-Jacques Birgé - Theremin, (reed) trumpet, Tenori-on
Sacha Gattino - vocals, keyboard/sampler
n°3 / Frygt Live / 5'43
Birgitte Lyregaard - vocals
Jean-Jacques Birgé - lion's roars, jazzoflutes, reed, balloon, flexatone
Sacha Gattino - keyboard/sampler
n°4 / Mécaniques cantiques Live / 9'50

Birgitte Lyregaard - vocals
Jean-Jacques Birgé - jaw harps, harmonicas, xaphoon, chimes
Sacha Gattino - harmonicas, metallophone, keyboard/sampler

n°5 / Radio Sandwich / 5'11
Birgitte Lyregaard - vocals
Jean-Jacques Birgé - Mascarade Machine
Sacha Gattino - keyboard/sampler
Live video
n°6 / Dark Waters Live / 5'37

Birgitte Lyregaard - vocals, bells
Jean-Jacques Birgé - reed trumpet, inanga, Theremin, flute, bull-roarer
Sacha Gattino - keyboard/sampler, zither, birdcall

n°7 / This Paris Live / 8'38

Birgitte Lyregaard - vocals
Jean-Jacques Birgé - Tenori-on, motocycle
Sacha Gattino - keyboard/sampler, jaw harps, druid bell

n°8 / Lover Man / 2'07
Birgitte Lyregaard - vocals
Jean-Jacques Birgé - Mascarade Machine, Tenori-on
Sacha Gattino - sampler/keyboard
Song written by Jimmy Davis, Roger Ramirez, James Sherman
Recorded March 22 2011 at Studio GRRR, Bagnolet
n°9 / Long Time No Sea / 9'04

Birgitte Lyregaard - vocals
Jean-Jacques Birgé - synthesizers, sampler, (reed) trumpet, musicbox
Claus Kaarsgaard - double bass
Sacha Gattino
- percussion
Recorded at Tintinnabulum Studio, Rennes / Pip de Bib Studio, Copenhagen / GRRR Studio - Mixed by JJB, 2017

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