Les bons contes font les bons amis
GRRR 1006 lp, 1983

"Drawing on everything from chamber music to melodrama scoring to experimental improvisation and noise, the music creates a panorama quite conductive for the listeners to create their own episodes on..." (Cadence)

A wonderful cover by Jean Bruller (a.k.a. Vercors). L'invitation au voyage by Charles Baudelaire and Henri Duparc, and Youenn Le Berre's bagpipes. A suite of nightmares and Copernician revolutions.

Jean-Jacques BIRGÉ (conductor, piano, synthesizer, flute, reed trumpet, jaw harp, tape, vocals, percussion)
Bernard VITET (conductor, trumpets, reed trumpet, vocals)
Francis GORGÉ (conductor, guitars)
Bruno GIRARD (violins)
Nathalie BAUDOIN (viola)
Hélène BASS & Didier PETIT (cellos)
Geneviève CABANNES (double-bass)
Hélène SAGE (flutes, kettle, vocals, percussion)
Jean QUERLIER (oboe, flute, alto sax)
Youenn LE BERRE (bagpipes, bassoon, flute, tenor sax)
Patrice PETITIDIER (French horn)
Philippe LEGRIS (tuba)
Jacques MARUGG (marimba, vibraphone, tympani)
Gérard SIRACUSA (percussion)

Ne pas être admiré, être cru / L'invitation au voyage / Sacra matao / Et / Révolutions (Matin-Midi-Soir)
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